Effective osteopathic treatment can only be
carried out after careful diagnosis. There are
three aspects to the diagnostic process:
Good posture
Sean Durkanís osteopathic examination is very
gentle. By manipulating the spine or bodyís
joints very gently, he can diagnose whether a
problem is due to muscles, ligaments or the
joint itself. These treatments are very safe,
soothing and comfortable. If you feel anxious
about the idea of spinal manipulation there are
other techniques available.

He will always discuss his findings with you
because it is important that you understand
what is causing the pain, why it started and
how long it will take to get better. It is not
always possible at first to tell you how many
treatments are required, especially if the
condition has existed for many years.

Approach & Preparation
Gentle examination leading to a sound diagnosis
Case history - Your medical record,
lifestyle and current state of fitness.

Your symptoms - How, when, where
and why they occurred

Physical examination - A head-to-toe
check including the diaphragm and
rib cage which promote effective
breathing enhancing recovery and
deterring relapse.
The first appointment takes about 50 - 55
minutes which allows time to understand
the nature of the problem, consider
suitable treatment(s) and determine what
self-help exercises will promote a faster
For a thorough diagnosis, it will be necessary for you to
undress down to your underwear so choose something
you will feel comfortable in. Shorts and vest are fine.
Preparing for
your appointment
Jaw Pain
Stiff neck
Frozen Shoulder
Shoulder Pain
Sore or Aching Shoulders
Tennis Elbow
Golf Elbow
Wrist Pain
Simple Low Back Pain
Immobilising lower back pain
Pelvic Injuries
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
Symphis Pubis Strains
Shin Splints
Knee Pains
Achilles Tendinitis
Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

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