In perfect shape
Sean Durkanís fees are broadly the
same as other osteopaths working in
London practices, a typical 1 hour
treatment costs £115 and a 45 min
appt costs £85.
Other medical
diagnostic costs (x-ray, MRI etc)
performed outside the Emergency
Osteopaths London practice are the
responsibility of the patient.

If you subscribe to a medical insurance
scheme, you may be eligible to recover
the costs as Sean is registered with all
the major companies including: BUPA,
AXA, PPP, Cigna, Pru Health, Aviva and
Simply Health. Please ensure you obtain
a case reference number from your
insurer before you attend your first
appointment. Bear in mind that your
claim may be limited by the excess
terms agreed with your insurer.

Self-help exercises, therapies and
regimes can make a big difference to the
number of sessions required for your
recovery. Sean will make suggestions
but, in the end, it is entirely up to you to
act on them to speed your recovery and
reduce the number of treatments.

Sean likes to think he offers good value
for money. The many testimonials he
has received over the years are your
assurance that he does.

Gentle and effective
My headaches became a part of my life until I met Sean. He
diagnosed my problem and solved it. I wish I had gone to him earlier.
DJB, Hammersmith
IMPORTANT - Emergency Osteopaths
has a standard  24-hour cancellation
policy. Like you, our time is valuable and
we therefore ask that you give us at least
24 hours notice when you need to cancel
an appointment. Cancellations made
without giving 24 hours notice or
appointments simply unattended may
incur a late cancellation charge.
Sean Durkan Emergency Osteopaths London