Sports injuries are not exclusive to sports
people. Running to catch a bus can result in
the same kind of injury as a professional
footballer chasing a ball. Almost all sports
injuries are musculoskeletal. There are two
Enjoy fitness to the full
Apart from the need for treatment as soon as
possible, there is also a practical imperative:
to begin the rehabilitation process before your
body starts compensating for the injury
thereby creating another, sometimes chronic,
problem somewhere else in your body.

Sean Durkanís osteopathy includes sports
injuries. There may be little difference
between injuries in chasing a ball or running
for a bus, Seanís diagnostic approach and
specialist skills will be the same. The
difference often lies in the self-help therapies
he proposes. The sports person will probably
recover sooner by virtue of greater fitness
and a more enthusiastic attitude to the
disciplines of exercise and training. Sean is
particularly sensitive to the patientís mind-set.
Sports Injuries
Getting you back on track as quickly as possible
I played brilliantly but hurt my back in the process, Within a
couple of weeks I was back on form again thanks to Sean.
Sudden, unexpected conditions like a
broken bone, dislocations, muscle
tears and pulled or torn ligaments.

Or injuries acquired through over use
and/or repetitive action; typically stress
fractures, tendon inflammations,
cartilage wear and tear.
These injuries usually affect the limbs but
the back and hips are also susceptible: a
prolapsed disc or an abdominal muscle
strain, for example, often enforce a rest
away from sport.

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Stiff neck
Frozen Shoulder
Shoulder Pain
Sore or Aching Shoulders
Tennis Elbow
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Wrist Pain
Simple Low Back Pain
Immobilising lower back pain
Pelvic Injuries
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
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Achilles Tendinitis
Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

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